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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 23, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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lighten up. we all need to lighten up. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow might 7:00 p.m. eastern. up next the o'reilly tonight on "red eye." carly fee rein that you sings on "the tonight show." does this mean trump will be dancing on "fox and friends" and a clinton supporter releases a new set of hillary emojis and finally hillary can express all of the feeling she's doesn't have. and another stadium cancels the kiss cam. could this be the end of kissing as we know it? probably. our panel provides tidings of good joy, but first, a news break. >> this is a fox news alert kelly wright in new york. sad news to report from the sports world this morning. legendary baseball player yogi berra has died. lawrence peter yogi berra was
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an icon of the game. he played almost his entire career for yankees of he is widely regarded as one of the best catchers in baseball history. he also earned his stripes as manager and coach in his later years, and he was elected to the baseball hall of fame in 1972. he was an allstar for 15 seasons. he is one of only 4amed the mose player of the american league three times and is one of seven managers to lead both american and national league teams to the world series. berra who quit school just after the eighth grade was also known for his pithy and paradoxical quotes such as it ain't over until it's over. berra once stated "i really didn't say everything i said" ways ball great yogi berra dead at the age of 90. a busy day in store for pope francis on his second day in the u.s. he will address 15,000 people at the white house followed by a parade at an after -- at an
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afternoon mass. hillary clinton is talking about the couldy stone pipeline in iowa saying she is against it because it won't help fight climate change. >> i think it is imperative that we look at the keystone pipeline as what i believe it is which is a distraction of the important work we have to do to combat climate change. >> the former secretary of state says she hopes to power every american home with clean energy by the end of her first term. i'm kelly wright. we now take you back to "red eye" for all of your headlines. log on to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. >> welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. it is time to check in with andy levy at the "red eye"
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news deck. >> it is the pagan festival of the autumn null equinox. >> i did not know that. >> well for you and those who need a refresher course, remember the festival is all about the balance between light and dark so include something like a scale or maybe one white candle and one black candle. >> i don't think i will be doing any of that. >> i'm sure you know it means the light of the water. >> this stuff seems a little weird to me, andy. >> yeah, well, i guess i will thank all of the earth and talk about your anti-religion attitude. >> let's welcome our guests. her last job was teaching young padawan. it is our own jedi fox news contributor jedediah bila. she has more chonies than a devito family reunion. it is katie huffman.
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he is my eighth favorite walton after gym bob, mary ellen and aaron and elizabeth. matt walton. sitting next to me is the founder of the accountability project nomiki can. let's start the show. >> carly is on firina. carly fiorina has rocketed to second place in the latest cnn poll while the front runner donald trump calls his opponent low energy fiorina feels the same about her dog, snickers. >> ready? ♪ my name's snik i'm i'm lazy ♪ ♪ don't take a walk with me ♪ i would rather stay at home
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instead ♪ ♪ i would like to lie if my warm bed sthoat. ♪ ♪ my name is snick ♪ and you're gonna have to carry me ♪ >> that was fiorina on fallen on monday night. she was singing of her lazy dog on snickers. way to throw him under the bus. we caught up with snickers when he was playing a rowing game of fetch. fiorina of course isn't the only candidate who can sing. >> amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. >> what's the story, morning glory ♪ >> ♪ hope on the road ♪ hope on the road >> as i went walking ♪ ♪ that rivet of highway >> katie, are you a singer. how did sanders do?
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i really like that. >> he was very william shatner, like who left the cake out in the rain? >> he has a whole album. >> i know, i know. it is awesome. >> what do you think of fiorina? it seems like a familiar melody. >> she stole the rock around the clock melody. >> that's right. what do you thepg? i -- it may rocket her into the white house. >> she may owe them royalties. who knows? it is so early and i am sick of all of this. i like uh streel yaw where they take three weeks and then you vote and you are done. >> we have to talk about it for the rest of the year. >> i know you guys do. >> jedediah, you are a dog owner. >> and a dog lover. >> do you sing to your dog? >> i don't sing to her. i scold her because she is very fresh. she does gnaw tees around the house. she is a bad girl. she is gorgeous, but i am often scolding her. >> what are you your phrases? take a nappy!
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>> i scold her in spanish. she speaks fluent in spanish. when i am mad she knows the spanish comes out she runs to the corner and she like turns -- you know how a kid you send them to the corner. she turns her body around and stands there because she though when's i start speaking in spanish you have to, you know. >> only spanish when you are angry. >> that's right. 1k3 it works in my relationships too. take out the spanish when you have to get fierce. >> i didn't know she was such a racist. >> nor did i. as far as carly goes if she wanted to get back at trump she would change her name from snickers to oreo. >> that's right. he is never eating them again. i can't think of any other president. >> bill clinton? no, i can't do it. >> but that was after. >> you're right. >> she know what's to do. she is playing the media well. everyone thought trump was the only one who knew how to play these people.
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>> she had a good showing and she now has 15% of the votes. >> that's not really an impressive number. >> i understand it is a bad shield. >> she thinks she is cheap. >> obviously you probably don't like the politics. you are left of the spoacial lists -- socialists, aren't you? >> bernie sanders is too conservative for me. >> what do you think of carly's approach? she seems very human. she is like another woman running for office, but can't remember her name. >> well done. >> i don't know how this is new and unique. we have seen several candidates do this. i am waiting for donald trump to say she sucks! by the way i will take care of the woman. >> he has to counterattack. she is creeping up on him.
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>> there san amazing internet and you have to look it up. donald trup p on -- donald trump on staig doing the routine. >> that was an excellent routine. was that at the tony awards? it was at an award show. here is the thing. he has already blown it with fiorina. he went after her. >> he can't go after her because the last time he went after her it bumped her up. if you remember on the debate stage she humiliated him with one gaze to the left she made him look like a very, very small man. if he wants to step it up, he will have to do something big. maybe he will dance it out. i don't know. i don't really need to see that, but he will have to do something big. the one weakness she had was people felt she wasn't warm. people said she is kind of cold and has the same facial expression of all time. in this clip she is warm, funny, personable and he is in trouble now. >> and he should dance kind of like -- do you remember
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christopher watkin -- trump should go in one of his buildings and go up and down the escalator. >> a company has released a line of hillary clinton-themed emojis. it is perfect for anyone who wanted an emoji for lying or maniacal laughing. what was that? they are available for download thousand. the package features graphics of secretary clinton doing things such as laughing and watering sunglasses and spreading racist propaganda and sporting a pant suit. we here at "red eye" have agreed to unveil our own line. here is me happy, angry, singing, sad and trying to understand emojis. and of course there is andy. happy, angry, singing, sad and trying to understand emojis.
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you can get the whole line of andyy me joes. andy emojis. the little computer graphic, this may be the way to humanize hillary, right? >> i am sure computerized hillary already exists. there is a copyright infringement because she is the emoji. >> why is this though? she has been around politics since the 70s. what is wrong? >> i don't know. she is not a politician. there is something to be said about a good politician. they know how to work a room. for serious reasons here -- >> for real. >> it goes back to money and politics. when it becomes a money game they look for who is the best fundraiser and they hire consultants and tell this person how to be a good candidate. the old school politicians who came up before money was a huge thing, the joe bidens and the bill clintons, you know, that's pretty much it.
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>> they are the old school guys. >> i don't know if she is behind the emojis or not. >> it has her on the phone. it has her doing all of the things that we remember from her scandals, right? >> and strange flowers. >> and wearing the blue dress. >> oh man. >> i can't imagine a single instance in my life where my emotions would be so over run and i couldn't come up with the words, but the hillary emoji would be just what i needed. sorry, babe, this is not working out. it's not you, it's me. pant suit hillary. >> when would anybody use it? except for who did you vote for? peach pant suit hillary. >> it may be perfect for a break up. it is so bizarre that it may work. >> it doesn't even look like her. my personal avatar is much more accurate. i think they are strange. >> the thing is we have to do
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something about hillary, right? bernie sanders sanders is overshadowing her and he does have a lot of personality. as socialist as he is, he has spunk. >> nobody thinks he is lying to them. everybody else you think they are lying to you. and you don't think he is lying to you no matter what it is. joe biden has that too, except joe gets silly yes, sir. >> but he may -- we are all expecting biden to get in the race, aren't we jedediah? >> those emojis would be amazing. can you imagine the biden emoji? he is a walking cartoon. >> it is to terrorize conservatives. i have a lot of liberal friends. do you know what my text will look like? there will be phases of hillary distortion. i will see hillary clinton in a pant suit, tom. how can my life get worse? >> what can you do on-line without it backfiring? ask trump. it was all trump insults.
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republicans will be tweeting this. >> we will see marco rubio emojis which i wouldn't mind. listen if you are doings an emoji and are you a sexy candidate. >> can we do a biden emoji with a hillary? i don't know. >> that would be good. >> like the barbies. >> like gi joe and barbie. >> or jedediah and marco rubio. and another example of -- what -- are you guys get -- getting inspired over here? this is the war on kiss cam. saturday's game between syracuse and centralichigan lacked the lighthearted lip locking after a concerned fan
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questioned whether it was appropriate when schools are trying to stop sexual assault. the kiss cam killjoy wrote in a letter to that during a previous game he witnessed two incidents in which the women clearly preferred not to be kissed but were anyway by nearby men as the crowd cheered. the instances encourage and condone sexual assault and male entitlement at best. and they are an actual instance of assault at worse. it generated a ton while it assesses the concern. the new york mets said they would stop putting opposing players after some fans claimed the stunt was homophobic. >> jed jedediah. it was a guy who complained. >> what are they turning into a bunch of girls now?
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honestly if i was sitting by somebody who would kiss me i would punch them in the face. women -- you know, man up or woman up or use your ovaries, stand up for yourself. i don't need someone getting rid of a kiss cam because i can't defend myself against a dude who was trying to kiss mooy and whimpy men, are you out. you are very 2005 and you have to get off the stage, you know, it is assault. it is not assault. it is a kiss cam. what are they talking about? >> i like what jedediah is coming from. >> i want her to beat up gite next to me trying to kiss me. >> i got your back, girl. >> now they can cut to more images of scantily clad underaged cheerleaders in the pyramid formation. >> isn't it true that that's why we have things like kiss cam. we used to have the
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old-fashioned camera where you get down there and shoot the girls cheering, right? now what do we do? you left wing cultural warriors are taking our fun away. the next debate is a cnn debate and you want to make hillary -- bring it on stage with the democrats. >> put the kiss cam to the journalists. we will have hugh hewitt locking lips with a lady next to him. >> whoever that was. >> i mean i have they ever seen a kiss cam where it is anything other than awkward. it is not sexual pressure. it is media pressure. you are trying to enjoy the game which is hard enough most of these days and then you are on a giant jumbotron.
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i am on camera. i have to do something. >> this is the responsibility of the people in their respective stadiums. >> they have to be careful that when they shoot someone it is an actual couple. you don't just scan the thing and make some guy make out with his grandmother, right? you have to be careful. >> it was -- i mean someone was saying what if it is your step mom and your dad is lucky enough. what about a cheat kiss? what is the big deal here? >> take responsibility for your own leisure time. coming up, is there anyway to defend a ceo jacking up the cost of a life saving drug? well there is a shillue so there is a way. oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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announcer: babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world.
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learn more at out of central casting. his company bought the drug and raised the price from $13 per pill to $750. what a meanie and when a journalist questioned him he tweeted back you are such a moron. it is like he likes being the bad guy. and look at him if front of a flat screen tv and he used to run a hedge fund. he is the opposite of the man who used to run clocks. the drug used to treat the rare infection is still a bargain at $750 a pill.
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orphan drugs, the drugs used to treat a specific condition are often very expensive and with good reason. people really need them. and touring as a new company and is not yet profitable. he will use the profit from this drug to develop newer, better treatments from this and other diseases. that's good. the problem with big pharma is instead of developing new drugs they milk them for whatever they can for as long as possible. but not martin screlli, a hero. jed do guy yaw are you going to agree with me? >> this fell foo hillary clinton's lap. she is coming out talking about the need for more regulation of the pharmaceutical market because there are things like that. when you have a leap -- i understand the need to make money. these companies exist to make profit. when you are raising something 5,000 percent, people can't accommodate that. there is no way somebody
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absolutely needs this. and if they have insurance it can cost $150. there is no need -- there is no way for them to pay for that. all that leads to is people coming in saying the government can fix this. we can regulate this. what it needs is more competition. you have to inject competition to force this dwie to bring his -- to force this guy to bring his prices down. there has to be some level of ethics in bris. you have to go to bed and put your head on that pillow and know you did your best for people. >> you take the drug and it is a short period of time. you don't take it for the rest of your life. he will make the money and he will make better drugs. in order to do that he has to kill the people already taking the drug. >> there is something so strange about making the people who need it pay for that even though -- they are
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probably going broke being sick. he is asking the people who are already sick -- >> half of this drug -- half of the pills he is giving them away for people who don't have united states. >> now that there has been pressure. the other thing he has done is because of the public outcry and he is a super villain he said he willower the price of the drug so he can make some profit and not a big profit like he was doing before. isn't this about the power of insurance companies because they have to pick up the tab and it was big insurance that started this campaign. >> you are absolutely right and there was a fight between the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies. >> to be fair i think the rest of the money was going to shipping and handling. >> there is shipping and haming and some other thing they throw this there. i. >> convenience fee. >> restocking.
12:26 am
>> we haven't seen inflation like this. >> can we talk about that? >> you have to question the efficacy of the drug. it is supposed to treat parasites, but it is still breathing. >> it is a short-term and it works. it knocks out this infection. even at the high price it doesn't go beyond $50,000. it is a specialty drug. he should profit from this. >> you trust him to put the money into research and development. when you see this guy and you see the way he presented himself and the way he called everybody a more ron, do you place your trust in that guy? maybe if he had come out and people looked at him and he looked like the kind of guy that would be interested in the better meant of other people? he would have a different attitude. he looks like a scum bag who only lowered the prices -- >> he looks handsome.
12:27 am
are you kidding me? >> he is the donald trump of pharmaceutical. >> i sang barber shop with guys that look like that. i guess now people who own companies have to be like politicians. coming up, an infomercial seen on andy levy. i joke. i kid. it is half time with andy levy.
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this is a fox news alert. a sad morning for baseball fans. legendary baseball player yogi berra has died. he reportedly died of natural causes at his home in new jersey. few can argue berra was a true icon of baseball. he played his almost whole 19-year career with the yankees and widely regarded as one of the best catchers in baseball history. berra was an allstar for 15 seasons, but he also earned his stripes as a manager and coach in his later years and elected to the baseball halve fame in -- hall of fame in 1972. he quit school after the eighth grade and was also known for his baffling quotes such as "it apt over until it's over." denying and confirming his reputation he once said "i really didn't say everything i said." baseball great yogi berri dead at the age of 90.
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the white house is set to roll out the red carpet for the pontif. he is due at the executive mansion for a ceremony on the south lawn before meeting privately with president obama. later francis will lead a parade and celebrate mass at dc's national basilica. the holy father will address a joint session of congress. the pope is not the only vip the white house will host. the chinese president will be the guest of honor at a state dinner and drawing fire to critics who point to china's poor human rights records, but the white house said it could lead to global health and other vital issues. i'm kelly wright. we take you now back to "red eye."
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy. >> hi, tom, how are you? >> good, good. >> carly sings. carly is on fire-rena. i don't get it. >> she is having a good week. >> yeah, but what is fire-rena though? >> it is the feeling you get in your heart when you are having a good week. >> jedediah, did you say you speak spanish to your dog? >> i can't wait for trump supporters. >> i thought you couldn't be a bigger rhino. trump is the only candidate everyone has an impression of. what about kasich? i feel they are living high on
12:34 am
the hog. >> i like that guy. >> i am working on my impression right now. >> for all we know that could be great. >> you said you don't know how carly singing is new and unique. it is not, but this was her first late nightspot since she has become a serious contender and so this was a way for her to introduce herself to people who didn't know her. >> she could have told a joke. did she actually write that song? did she write it for the show? that's a very creative way. >> she didn't say she made it up for the show. she sang it to her dog jie. if i was a consultant i may have gone down a different path. >> and i have to say a female candidate who actually seems relaxed and comfortable in her own skin, this is hillary's worst nightmare except for people discovering the trot of vince foster. this is hillary's worst
12:35 am
nightmare. >> and the contrast is so fascinating to see someone who is being transparent even about her business record which has question believe a things, but she is being transparent and she is sing and personable. hillary is crying hoping it is not carly. >> she says her record at hp, that would be impressive. so far her numbers have been off. >> what rhymes with layoff? >> stayoff. >> payoff. it is two words, but i tried. >> hillary emoji, can we put those back up? >> brutal. >> i love the one of her on the phone i guess on the top right. that is her calling someone to call vince foster. and then the one in the second row with the one of her smiling is getting the news that foster was killed. these are fantastic. >> do you think the audience gets this? do you think they get the vince foster jokes? they are 25 years old.
12:36 am
>> my audience gets my jokes. don't worry about my audience. >> it is not your concern. >> i don't know who vince foster is. that's what i was saying. >> that's because the clintons have completely -- >> they didn't tell me in their last e-mail. >> you had my emoji too, right? why did everyone laugh? >> they display your diversity and complexity. >> you don't even need the words. >> it is true. your range is beautiful. >> who asked who will use the hillary emoji sph my guess is they won't be used in the wonderful way the company who is making them thinks. >> you think it will be illicit?
12:37 am
>> i think somebody will use them to make vince foster jokes. >> things are funnier in green and -- in three's and footies. >> you said you are stressing out your liberal friends will be sending an emoji. you have a third world phone though, don't you? >> it is not an e phone. -- it is not an e fine. i need to be up on my hillary emoji game. you will send them in spite now. >> i will do that because i love using emojis. >> i know you hate them. i will send you a hillary emoji. that's right, levey. >> war on kiss cams, you said they should bring it on stage. are you [blee >> remember al gore and tipper gore? remember that? that worked, sorta. and they are divorced now. >> exactly. >> rip.
12:38 am
>> i enjoyed the use of the word stadia. it is one more data i have about you. >> ceo jacks up the price of the drug. you said it is strange making the people pay for the drug. >> making them pay for the research. >> i was trying to figure it out. >> i am here to let you correct yourself. >> and thank you. i am glad i had the chance. here is $10. sorry i jacked up my price. he has the right to jack up the price to whatever he wants. it is capitalism. in general, i don't have a problem with drug companies charging a lot of money for drugs that cost them a lot to develop or whatever, and they do give breaks to people who can't afford to pay for the drugs, but here is the thing with this guy, he didn't
12:39 am
develop -- he didn't develop this drug. he bought this drug. he is not trying to recover costs he incurred. >> he paid a lot for the drug and he said it wasn't making money at the old company. he is now going to not only make money with it, but he will turn it into a cash cow. he has 25 people working and he is hiring 25 more. >> this guy is being sued by the company he used to be in charge of. >> he is probably a jerk, but it made a good monologue. >> and the fact that he dropped the price because he -- is he not your hero? >> i was disappointed. i like him telling people to go jump in a lake. >> i don't like him because he has four consecutive consonants in his name. i am done. >> thank you, andy. it is time for a break. a special appearance by mackey
12:40 am
and morrell. now take it away, kennedy. >> on the next kennedy legend will be here and hopefully i will see your beautiful face only on the fox business network.
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some stories are too important to nuance for our regular panel. they require the sensitive
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analysis of experts with the diverse range of a view point. to solve the most pressing problems of today i enlisted the help of two white males, sam morrell and joe mackey. let's get to it. a bbc study found one-10th of male gym goers suffer big arexia, the opposite of anorexia. they theng they are scrawney, when in fact they are huge, bro. they often work out excessively and take roids that can lead to depression and death. joe, do you suffer from big arexia? >> i used to, but now i am over it. i had a phase called my road house years. i think we have a graphic. >> wow. >> i went through 12 tank tops a day. i tell you what -- -- i think ie model for those who suffer body dismore fee yaw.
12:45 am
he doesn't care how little muscle he has. he is proud of himself. >> it is sad that people don't have awareness of what they look like. me, a proud african-american with the cute eyebrows. >> you are black too? >> we are proud black men. >> sam, do you think these guys are killing themselveses ? >> yeah, i don't know how they are using a noose though without a neck. they may feel -- here is what i recommend, maybe look at your tess tau cal in proportion to your body and say, wow, i am not that big. >> it is all about perspective. are you too scared to exercise? >> i am too scared to exercise for two reasons. one the anti-gun protesters showed up at the weight lifting session. i go up to people muscular and to make
12:46 am
sure they don't have body dishour fee yaw and i said do you have a problem and they punch me in the face. >> you know what is cool -- it has to get a bigger laugh. these people suffer depression, but they get to look like superheros. i have depression and before you get bit by the spider. >> how long should sek last? a sex therapist agreed that one to two minutes is too short and 7 to 13 is desirable and 32 minutes is too long to wait for a pizza delivery. many sud des suggest we all want sex to last twice as long as it does. joe, i am guessing you engage in the tantric form of sex. >> i don't even know what that is. there is an article at the
12:47 am
kanye west fell law. thisy said it was 40 minutes. that guy writes a 10-minute acceptance speech for awards even when he doesn't win. it took him less than five minutes to get his shirt over his giant ego. >> of course. sam, is there such a thing as too long? >> yes. they tell guys to think of baseball to make it last longer. i think i did it wrong. i thought of derek jeter and i [bleep] instantly. he is a pretty guy. >> shouldn't these guys count their bletions in assisted of keeping score? >> i don't see what the competition is. these celebrities going out there and having intercourse. it is about being happy with what you got. >> is this about kanye west? >> in the article it was about a tmz article about how long he had sex. >> i don't last that long personally, but i have keys to
12:48 am
make it seem long for the woman. like during sex i play joe mackey. >> to be fair it was videos of kanye west having sex and they were impressed that they were long. he wouldn't keep the short videos. they delete those. it is something you want to forget about, like when you see one of sam's comedy skits. >> next story, your self-obsession is killing you. a new study reveals more people died from selfies in 2015 than shark attacks. 12 people kicked the bucket during selfie incidents. there is no data how many people died taking a selfie with a shark. haven't we been warned for decades? >> yes, at one point i thought i would get a selfie stick and then i thought why not make friends?
12:49 am
>> are you worried for your fellow mill millennials? >> if they die taking a selfie they should have to use that picture at the funeral. a gibing is saying rock on -- a guy is saying rock on next to a lion. we took a sell fee. we were out drinking and that was an ugly night, my friend. >> how did they let jabber jaws in? i you have a nice, short haircut. >> does this mean we don't have to be afraid of sharks anymore? >> no. that's what bothered me. selfies qil more people than sharks, but that's a weird thing to say. it is like saying heart attacks kill more people than terrorists, but we will still worry when a cartoonist gets >> let's talk about things that never kill like joe's last joke. >> in that way, sam, what do
12:50 am
you think is the best way to avoid a selfie-related death? >> hang out with only asian teenagers so they take the photograph. >> that's true. >> i don't do it it, i'm just saying if you want to avoid dying. >> final words? >> i want to point out when sam's baby invitation died i was classy enough to let him have it die. >> we will close it out with a bedtime story. oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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announcer: babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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bothered. the nhl superstar jaromir jgr had a fling with a model who tried to extort cash from him for not releasing this selfie she took in bed together. she wanted yagger to pay her $2,000 to keep quiet. thinking big. the 43-year-old apparently didn't care if the world saw him in bed with a gorgeous woman. and he refused to pay. no word on how the teen model who took the selfie explained it to her reported boyfriend,
12:55 am
another hockey player. "red eye" is in possession of a picture that would get a bigger ransom. i bet you had a haircut like that back in the hockey playing days. >> of course. >> is he a hero for saying i don't care? >> that's the right attitude to take. first of all -- it is not the first time in the world an 18-year-old model from eastern europe asked for $2,000 after having a sex with an athlete. >> sometimes they are up front and ask for it beforehand, right? >> that's exactly the act to take. >> it is fascinating. i think if you are going to extort mown make sure he is married. >> i was in bed with an 18-year-old i would pay somebody to put it out there. >> i would be like make a billboard and let's get this thing out. >> and you see.
12:56 am
you know it was a good night. he is zonked. >> he is done. >> jedediah, this guy has nothing to lose. he is single. what did she think she was getting away with? >> why did she think this would make him look bad. i'm looking like well done man. i don't understand what she thought. if she thought there was a way to get money out of him $2,000? if there what is a hidden reason where she thought this would be a problem, i mean this guy makes a lot of money and $2,000 will get uh big mac today? what are you doing with that? >> in an ironic twist he was seen on the kiss cam getting high five's from his teammates. >> worst plot ever? >> i did this when i was in high school. yeah i was 18 years old and dated dated a professional
12:57 am
bowler. a 10 to 1 ratio. they make a million dollars. >> special thanks. that does it for me, tom shillue. i'll see you next time.
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